Summer HAY!

Too young to volunteer but still interested in learning and being involved?

For our young future volunteers, we’ve developed Summer HAY! a special program that allows you to become a part of our organization, learn about equine health and wellness,  basic horsemanship, and gain insight into the importance of community work.

Youth from age 8 to 13 are welcome to participate.  Summer HAY! meets two hours a week to learn about horses and horse care. The group will get acquainted with one of our horses and learn the responsibility of taking care of a horse and how to ride a horse (45-minute riding lesson daily). Participants in Summer Hay! will be taught the requirements of a good volunteer in hopes they will return at age 14 and use their skills in our volunteer program.

Each 5-day session is $150.00.

If interested in participating, simply print and fill out the application form, mail it or drop it by our office.

Summer HAY! application 2021 Summer HAY! application 2021

2021 Dates July 19th-July 23rd 10:00-12:00 bring your lunch and stay till 12:30.

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