Horses – Our Cornerstone

Equine Assisted Therapeutic Activities require a trained horse that is gentle, quiet and cooperative. The gentle nature of the horse allows the students to spend time grooming, leading and getting to know and trust before they begin to climb on and actually ride. The horse provides movement, warmth, stimulation, and motivation to the rider. Incorporated in all areas of instruction are the extremely important skills of discipline and respect required when working with horses. Many of our participants are able to overcome obstacles and barriers where other therapies have failed. The horse is often a strong motivator in allowing the students to express themselves in ways they have previously found difficult. This can result in a physical, emotional or communicative expression. Often these improvements and the growth experienced with us carry over into many areas of the participant’s life.

Meet our Horses!

Horses on loan to us during our working season are not pictured here.

Tater- Registered Haflinger. She came to us in 2018 with lots of spunk.

She is the first one to greet you and curious about everything and everybody!



Want to Help?

We are always on the hunt for special horses to add to our herd.

If you have a horse you think might be a suitable therapy horse and would like to donate or lease, please contact our office.

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